Lina Ann

At the age of 15 Lina-Ann took her first steps in spinning with two basic CD players and a mixer at a local youth centre. She became more serious with DJ-ing after taking a exclusive DJ course. After this course she decided to buy her own equipment. Soon Lina-Ann was booked by a number of organizations. Vinyl records caught her interest, so she switched from CDs to turntables and fell completely in love with vinyl.

Vinyl brought her to various places in the Netherlands and Germany. She rocked the world of crowds at a lot of different locations. For her graduation assignment Lina-Ann organized a DJ contest for upcoming talent, which became a huge success. At the age of 21 Lina-Ann moved to Haarlem where she was introduced to the House scene. Soon her favorite style became house music, which she also started playing. After Lina-Ann discovered the vinyl aspects from the Pioneer CD players she switched back from vinyl to cd. Lina-Ann now is engaged with her Pioneer equipment because it gives her the opportunity to combine the newest, hottest tracks with the latest technology, without losing the possibilities of vinyl.

Soon Lina-Ann got noticed by a lot of different organizations and played at almost all well known club in Holland. For example; Panama, Noa, Maassilo, North Sea Venue, Escape, Hotel Arena, The Sand, HardersPlaza and many more. She also played abroad in County’s like Spain, Turkey, Morocco at clubs like Pacha, Nikki Beach and even at the birthday party of Gaddafi’s son, Al Saadi al Gaddafi in Marrakech. Lina-Ann is also the brand ambassador of the Tropical Drink Hpnotiq which has been her favorite drink even before it was available in Holland.

Lina-Ann is a remarkable appearance behind the decks. A female DJ with a fresh and innovating view. Her goal is to add more value to the house scene and represent the women in this mainly male environment!