Lucky Charmes

Put Lucky Charmes behind any turntable at any given time and he will display just how a DJ should rock the crowd and what music is all about. Lucky's sound is a strong mix of funky house, grooves, sexy latin, uplifting tech house sounds, massive beats, eclectic vibes and tough African drums. His music and his DJ sets show a strong resemblance: filled with diversity, highly dynamic and always up tempo… Meet Lucky Charmes!

Born on the 16th of June 1979 as Werner Charmes, Lucky grew up in an environment having diversity written all over it. With both Indonesian and Surinam blood running through his veins, Lucky was raised in a house filled with a range of music as wide as the smile on Mick Jagger’s face. Lucky’s first serious attempt in music was when he started to play the drums, a skill he subconsciously had a talent for. Playing the drums laid the foundation for his love for rhythm and beats and, later on, turned out to be a solid basis for his future career as a DJ. At the age of fourteen, Lucky discovered his dad’s old turntables, dusted these bad boys off and started spinning old school records, developing his DJ techniques in the very attic where he found them.

Working the turntables and practicing day after day led Lucky to his very first DJ battle contest, to end up competing in the finals and even winning it. For Lucky, it became evident that a hobby had turned into a passion, with the next step being turning this passion into a career. Lucky joined the hip-hop oriented radio show “The Soundcheck” - a great way for young talents to expose their skills to a big audience - and Lucky was soon invited to join other shows and even host showcases at big events like the “Megafestatie”. After that, Lucky hosted workshops on Dutch Veronica television and worked as an IDP/DMC instructor between 2002 and 2004. His affiliation with and love for teaching others how to spin the wheels is something he still demonstrates up to this day at Studio West in Amsterdam